Ghani Shinwari

Ghani Shinwari; the unsung hero of Martial Art of Khyber Agency

Last year, when I was selected to participate in International Competition in South Korea, I did not believe it because I had no money for Ticket.
Daud Khan Bajaur

Parents convinced me for marraige but never for education

When I see boys of my age, going to school and college, I feel sad, -- why can't I go to a school? I want to cry. But there is no way.
Gul Shahzadi

Tribal women, Working beyond the usual role of LHV

I have been able to convince most of the people to accept vaccination by telling them why vaccinating each and every child under the age of five is so critical.

Afghan ‘wazan-wala’ child

Sulaiman is an Afghan child calls himself 'wazan-wala' (weight checker) lives, reads and works in Peshawar to support his family.

Unhappy being uneducated

My parents are very happy, me and my younger brother are working and making a little money. But neither me nor my younger brothers are happy. Because we are uneducated.

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